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Information technologies
in education

International specialized scientific and technical exhibition-forum

November 28-30

«Effective use of modern information technologies in the educational process is the key to the competitiveness of the national education system»

Distinguished teachers and students, representatives of public administration and specialists in the field of modern information technologies!

On behalf of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus I invite you to participate in the II International specialized scientific and technical exhibition-forum «Information technologies in education» ITE-2018.

For the first time, the exhibition-forum was held in Belarus in 2017 and gathered more than 3,000 participants interested in a productive dialogue on the questions of informatization of education. Within the framework of the implementation of the strategy of innovative development of country, ITE makes a significant contribution in the digital transformation of the industry: contributes to the introduction and wide use of advanced information technology in education, improve digital literacy of all participants of educational relations and to strengthen staff capacity in the country.

I am sure that ITE-2018 will be one of the most ambitious events of the year in the field of education and will provide favorable conditions for the development of international cooperation and comprehensive communication of specialists in this field.

The Minister of Education
Igor V. Karpenko

Exhibition-forum ITE-2018 aimed at common progress towards the Goal of sustainable development No. 4 «Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all» through the digital transformation of the education system.



Demonstration of modern scientific achievements and developments in the field of information technology, and also the positive effect of their use in the educational process at all levels of the education system.


Discussion of problematic issues, perspective directions, advanced domestic and international experience of digital transformation of education.






  • A single cloud ecosystem
  • Monitoring the quality and accessibility of education
  • The implementation of modern ICT
  • Open data of the education system
  • Information educational environment in educational institutions

Integration of Republican Information and Educational Environment (RIEE) with European research and education networks

  • Information and computer security
  • Informatization of society
  • ICT in education management
  • Systems of access control to educational institutions based on ICT, etc

Infrastructure of the education system in the information society

  • Use of advanced information technologies
  • "Inverted" classrooms

Innovative educational technologies based on the use of ICT

  • Development of educational robotics
  • Robotic constructors
  • Three-dimensional models
  • Graphical programming environment

Robotics in the system of modern education

Information Technology:
  • working with preschool children, secondary school and higher education institutions;
  • in the process of retraining specialists;
  • when working with students with special educational needs (the development of inclusive education), and teaching of elderly people, etc.

Information technologies in work with different categories of students

  • Pedagogical personnel potential
  • Professional development and retraining programs for teachers
  • Pedagogical personnel policy of the Republic of Belarus
  • Teachers' use of electronic educational resources

Development of teacher competencies in the digital economy

  • Development of distance learning in Belarus
  • «Lifelong learning»
  • IT-cluster
  • Remote network university
  • Online studying courses in various disciplines
  • The use of artificial intelligence
  • Open education

Online schools and courses. New vision at the distance education

ITE-2017 Gallery

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Heads and specialists of libraries of higher education institutions, information centers, publishing houses, booksellers and other interested organizations of the Republic of Belarus, CIS and foreign countries are invited to participate in the Conference. Accommodation costs, food and travel expenses – are paid by the sending organization.

To take part you have to register online at this website no later than October 20, 2018.

Working languages: Belarusian, Russian, English.

Conference venue:
20 Pobediteley Avenue, Republic of Belarus, Minsk,
Complex «Falcon Club».

reports in a plenary meeting-up to 20 min,
at the sessional meetings-up to 10 min.

Information support:
e-mail: nmo@bsu.by, phone: +375 17 209-50-37
Olga Bolnova

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